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June 30, 2017
A Red Lace Dress

Have you ever bought a dress at an awesome bargain price & never ever worn it? If yes, you are exactly like me. And this is story of my Red Lace Dress.

Back in 2015, Forever 21 India had a huge flash sale with everything at upto 70% off .And who in the world would miss such a great deal. We all know that trial rooms & sales never go together.

So I went in and after searching for an hour I found a perfect red lace dress in my size. Did I have the patience and the time to stand in a long queue outside the fitting rooms? NO. And so like every second person at a sale, I decided to just buy it.

A Red Lace Dress

But when I reached home and tried it on, I found out that something was strange about it. Firstly, it didn’t fit me too well and secondly there were some really bad sews at the back which made it fluff up from the back. This red lace dress left me disappointed as I really loved the dress. So like any other dress/top that didn’t fit me or was a bit weird, it went to the back of my closet.

It wasn’t until a few weeks back that I found it again in my hands. I decided to try it again. It fit me well this time but it was still a little weird from the back. So I took my scissors & sat down to understand why? I realised that the lining of the dress & the lace that were sewn together would crumble up whenever I would wear it. And after a lot of hit & trials I was able to fix it.

A Red Lace Dress

The dress now looks really cool. And I love that it fits me perfectly now.

I decided to wear this dress in a classic fashion. Keeping things simple, I just wore with some classic black heels. A white watch, pin straight hair & a matching lip colour completed the look.

A Red Lace Dress

Since the colour & the lace of the dress were so bold, I wanted them to be the centre of attention for the outfit.

Outfit Details

Dress : Forever 21

Shoes: Forever 21

Watch: United Colors Of Benetton

Have you ever bought a dress at an awesome bargain price & never ever worn it? If yes, you are exactly like me. And this is story of my Red Lace Dress

I bought this dress years ago, but if you like it you can shop some of my favourite similar dresses from Forever 21 below

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  1. Love the dress and the fact that you managed to make it work rather than just giving it up when it didn’t sit right. It looks awesome, perfect party dress.

  2. You look gorgeous! I love the dress, it’s such a bright eye catching colour and a lovely shape. I’m so glad you managed to fix the problem and start wearing it.

  3. You look beautiful and gorgeous! The red color of the dress and the lace is a nice combination. It makes you look descent and nice! Perfect!

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